green_ozeWe sit here at the inception of Oddlots! *laughs* This isn’t some grand “Let there be Light” moment. It more resembles something dragging it’s way out of the chaotic primordial ooze.

We are a collective of makers that need a place to do that making. We do software, primarily web stuff. I grabbed in order to give us a space to start playing around. Shortly, I will be incorporating Oddlots so that we have a structure that people can feel comfortable with both internally and externally.

This space will be a dumping ground for ideas and experiences. It’s not likely to be filtered for political correctness so read it knowing that we’re good people trying to do good things. Like most nerds, our social filters aren’t tuned to level usually seen these days.

In the end, I hope this becomes a chronicle of starting up something awesome.

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