Bot – lots of Bots


We tend to think of computer software and applications like little miniature robots.   They follow commands, and they do things for us (because we can’t, or don’t want to).  As we embark on this new business venture we are working to create a business identity, and we’ve decided to incorporate robots (bots).  We’re not going to go Jetson’s over-kill, or start sharing Star Wars R2D2 memes, but for each different project, we plan to create a corresponding bot that may (or may not) be hidden within the final project.

In this, our inaugural project we are working with Aurora Downtown to create a mobile information and way-finding application for their First Fridays events.  For that project, we present, Alpha Bot.

We haven’t decided if there will be a Beta Bot, and so on, or if we’ll get more creative with our bot monikers.   Time will tell.

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